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Shaun Landry and Hans Summers of Landry & Summers perform at The San Francisco Improv Festival

Get all the info you ever wanted with Landry & Summers, Shaun's One woman show FLake and The Seniors Improv Comedy at The Pack Theater L.A.

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Shaun Landry Film Television and Internet

From The Movie Milk to voice over work to McDonald Commercials to  The Internet and Social media like TikTok, Shaun is a tickled to death to be a veteran actor.

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Upcoming Projects

Shaun Landry teaches level 3 Improvisation and Performs at The Pack Theater Los Angeles

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Shaun Landry with Hans Summers as LANDRY & SUMMERS performing at THE PACK and ACME THEATER!  Get tickets at EVENTBRITE for The Pack and Tickets at  ACMEE THEATER HERE

No upcoming events.

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